Big Data Hadoop Course in Rajkot

Do you know working of Big data Hadoop? Well Hadoop is an framework for Bigdata processing of massively huge datasets at an affordable price hardware. Do you know why Big Data Hadoop is so important then other database? Big Data is the data which can not be processed by traditional database systems such as Sql, Mysql.
In Big data Hadoop it consist of data in Structured like Rows and Coloumns format, Semi-Structured like XML records and Unstructured format such as Text records,Comments on twitter. As we know Hadoop is an software framework for writing and running distributed applications that processes large amount of data. Hadoop framework is very much useful because it consist of Storage area known as Hadoop Distributed File System(HDFS) and processing part known as MapReduce programming model. So now you can also learn Big Data Hadoop from experts in Rajkot at Aplomb Training Institute.

Who can learn Big Data Hadoop ?

  • Freshers
  • BE/Bsc Candidate
  • Any Engineers
  • Any Graduate
  • Any Post-Graduate
  • Working Professionals

Career opportunity in Big Data Hadoop

If you want to grow your career in Big Data Hadoop, then moving forward you can work in the following position as per your skills and work experience when you apply for job.

Big Data Engineer

System Administrator

Hadoop Developer

Tech Support Engineer

Data Analyst

Data Scientist

Big Data Hadoop Course

1)RDBMS Vs Hadoop

2)Difference in between Mysql and Hadoop

3)Why Hadoop is better that Mysql??

1)Basics of Java required for Hadoop

2)OOPS – Class, Object and Interface

3)Inheritance and types of inheritance

4)Method overriding and overloading

5)Exception Handling

1)Basics of Sql required for Hadoop

2)DML,DDL statements

1)NameNode and DataNodes

2)HDFS has a master/slave architecture

3)Overview of Hadoop Daemons

4)Hadoop FS and Processing Environment’s UIs

5)Block Replication

6)How to read and write files

7)Hadoop FS shell commands

8)MR1.x vs 2.x

1)The introduction of MapReduce.

2)MapReduce Architecture

3)Data flow in MapReduce

4)How MapReduce Works

5)Writing and Executing the Basic MapReduce Program using Java





5) Oozie

6)Apache Flume

7)Introduction to Spark

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